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Local trip tips

The Red Rock Castle
Ancient castle, originally from 1230, surely belongs amongst the most beautiful places in our local setting. Castle is called „The Red Rock“ because the castle is standing on the base that contains rock which has red colouring, this sort of rock can be seen in other places around. Castle has largest cellars in Central Europe which were built by Fugger family. Longest period in castle’s history belongs to Pálffy family who rebuilt it to representative aristocratic residence. Because the castle stands on top of the hill which faces our house you can relax and enjoy pleasurable view at any time. If you decide to visit the castle in person you can take a pleasure in exquisite frescos, paintings, old graphics, historical  furniture, weapons and arms and you can also visit the cellars that are one of the biggest in the Central Europe.

Falconry courtyard
In the castle complex you can find „Falcon courtyard Astur“ which has largest collection of predatory birds in Slovakia. Here you have opportunity to acquaint yourself with technique of hunting with help of bird predators that was almost forgotten. Show of bird training, which is displayed every day at certain times, will be unforgettable experience for you and your children.


Wine degustations and specialities of The Little Carpathian region

You can taste delicious high quality wines from smaller producers from the Little Carpathian wine route and various regional specialities in our cellar. We would like to offer securing of visit in other wine firms and vineyards.   


Ceramics of Modra                        
If you would like to see how the piece of shapeless clay changes into beautifully painted jag or vase, we can visit  some of local ceramic workshops. On this trip you can see display of hand made ceramics and maybe you will even fancy to own piece of this painted beauty.


Gallery of Ignac Bizmayer
Ignac Bizmayer is distinguished figure ceramics sculptor from Modra and you can visit his gallery in old bastion of Modra. He liked to wander about, watching ordinary people carry out their work and carry on with their every day life and those that have amused most him were immortalised in ceramic figures. In the area of the gallery there is also Museum of Ceramics.

Gallery of naive arts at The Schaubmar’s Mill Pezinok
Very special gallery of naive arts is situated in ancient baroque Schaubmar’s Mill which is largest of it’s kind in Europe and belongs amid important technical landmarks. In the gallery premises you can find paintings and sculptures of significant Slovak and foreign naive artists.


The Little Carpathian Museum  Pezinok
Museum is located in centre of Pezinok in Renaissance era building where you can learn a lot about history of people who lived in The Little Carpathians in the past. In ancient arched cellars you can get intrigued by mastery of workmanship by which were made barrels, pressing machines and other instruments that were used for work in vineyards.


The Driny Cave Smolenice

Only cave that is made accessible for visitors in western Slovakia lies in well known recreational area of Jahodník. Amid the discoverers of the cave was also son of Štefan Banič who was world renowned inventor of parachute. The cave is called Driny by local people because of bunch berry (drinky in Slovak language) bushes that are growing in abundance in the forest surrounding the cave. Admissions to the cave are done at every hour from April to October.


Margita’s Yard (Horse-riding school)

If you visit this horse-riding school you will have opportunity to learn about life of horses which live freely on grazing ground in most natural way possible. You can go through riding training for beginners or you can take a ride or walking tour in surroundings for advanced riders. There are also rides for children available.


Cycling and hiking

Little Carpathians and environment of our village Píla offer excellent conditions for hiking and cycling. Yellow hiking route leads right outside our house, this route begins in Harmónia (Zochova chata) with possibility to go over the Kukla peak where observation tower is located and this route ends at the Red Rock castle. Most of the hiking routes in the Little Carpathians is also convenient for cycling. During winters there is also possibility to do cross country skiing or down hill skiing on Baba peak in Pezinok or in Zochova chata.

Best for swimming are Slnečné jazerá in Senec or thermal lido Vincov les.

If you would like to visit town, you can go to close by Modra or Pezinok, but Trnava, Bratislava and Vienna are also within reasonable distance.

As we are dedicated to tourism in Little Carpathian region over 20 years now and because we own travel agency which provides activities on The Little Carpathian Wine Route we are happy to offer trips and advise where to go and what to visit. We also own microbus with 9 places, so we can arrange carriage to places that you would like to visit. We will gladly arrange carriage for cyclist or tourists who visit our cellar for purpose of wine degustation or any other gatherings, it can be arranged that we will also carry the bicycles in the microbus.